Tarnia Lee  Sayer ~ Psychic & Medium  
                                                                         "Follow the Wisdom of your Soul, it knows the Way."    


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Tarnia is currently based in Goodwood, Adelaide. She also has a second clinic She runs from Paddington, Brisbane plus travels regularly to Melbourne & Sydney along with interstate and overseas Email, FaceTime and Phone Readings.

If you book a In-person Reading you may bring photos as She tunes into their energy, you also receive a channelled hand written transcript of the Reading to take home with you that She does whilst you are in session or you may record it.

Tarnia uses a combination of Mediumship with her main natural abilities of Clairvoyance and Clairaudiance, She also receives messages through clear feelings, clear knowing plus taste & smell as well. Tarnia always calls in Angels to assist. She may support the Reading with Angel Cards or Tarot but doesn't need to use anything to get messages. She can do a Reading in a busy pub or a quiet room. Spirit will always get their messages through and are not limited to time and space. She says they don't care if you are sitting in the chair opposite her or connecting through a email or phone. It's only human attitudes that puts limiting beliefs as to how spirit must connect. 

This is Tarnia's Full-time Job and has been for 17years, she has always believed in a alternative spiritual world and was bought up to have a very open mind and was encouraged in her fascination with life after death, white witches, paganism and Angels. As a little girl She visited graveyards with her mother often just to go talk to the 'Dead' plus Tarnia's mother took her to many Tea-leaf Readers. Tarnia has studied with many Talented well known Spiritual Teachers and spent a lot of time and money on her craft. The learning never stops.

“I take my work and your reading/healing with the upmost respect, integrity and empathy. You need to always keep an open mind and be prepared to listen. You may not get the answers you want and you may not follow any of spirits suggestions and that is your choice. I cannot make your decisions for you! You must claim maturity and do that for yourself. I can however give you clarity in regards to your choices. My Readings are always supportive, love filled and uplifting.”

“I also facilitate workshops, run spiritual circles and development groups, do public speaking. I Am a qualified practitioner in vibrational Flower essences and many Massage Modalities, Reiki and have been a member of the South Australian Spiritual Healers Association for 11yrs.”

Tarnia Lee Sayer ~ Psychic & Medium